Ice cream out of a wine glass. #classy (at Palazzo Westwood Village)

Anonymous: Do you know how to cut out an image? I use the polygonal lasso tool but it doesnt come out really nice and I just want to know if theres an easier and more effective way of cutting out images?


actually yes! there’s a much easier way to cut out images than using the polygonal lasso.

  • first off, open up your image onto photoshop. (i’m using psc5) this is the photo i’ll be using.
  • next, click the letter “q” on your keyboard. this creates a mask for your picture. click it once and then click your brush tool. once you’ve clicked your brush tool, paint over your person. the brush tool should come off as red, and it should look like this.
  • paint over the entire person (or whoever/whatever you want to cut out) i like to use a small brush, so that it’s easier to paint over the more difficult spots to paint over. once you’ve finished painting over them, it should look something like this.
  • now all you have to do is click “q” again and it should outline what you’ve painted. it should look like this.

  • now, click delete on your keyboard and voila!

easy right? i hope this was able to help you lovely! if you have any other questions, feel free to come back and ask them!


Animation by k-eke!


Cooking Mama 5 out September 16 ⊟

Majesco sent out these new screens along with the release date for Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit. You can see Mama dressed up for “the new Cooking Dojo mode where Mama slips into her gi for some serious culinary training.” Serious, serious sticking kiwi to a cake.

You can also see the screen declaring “Parfait: perfect!” which I just find amusing.

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SHOFU CHECK IT. CC: thecoolestintheworld

What happens when Villager uses an alternate costume.

Thanks to k-eke for the animation and nightshadezero for the Ponponpon remix!

Takamaru confirmed as an Assist Trophy?! Not what I was expecting tonight at all. Sakurai reads NeoGAF CONFIRMED.

Eatin’ my greens and watching some #TwitchPlaysPokemon. They just caught a Spoink! #Pokemon #Foodie #Vegetables #Macbook (at Roger’s Base)


After an intense battle of Mario Kart, Josh Dallas claims victory.


come on and slam